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About Faerie Hill

Thirteen years ago, we bought a bush hogged piece of land with a mind to create a reforested, sustainable nature sanctuary. Since then we have built our home ,which is independant of the electrical grid, powered by more than 3 kilowatts of passive solar generated energy. We recycle our gray water and garden organically, using many permaculture techniques. Now we have a lush landscape with many trees, berry bushes, grape vines, wildflowers, bamboo and birds.

We created Faerie Hill Creations/Jade Dragon Music to go on the road taking our message out into the world. Our work is to help others find a more spiritual and sustainable life in the ever present chaos and uncertainty of the future.. We hope to impart this message through our art, music, interactive ritual, workshops and store offerings. Sharing our knowledge and life experience is our joy.

Below are some photos of the land, house and studio

Below are photos of some window art in our house