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Pick a persona and a Magical name which defines your true heart nature.  Don't bother choosing a flight of fancy - Unfold your spiritual character. The one which hides behind the mask and never submits to the coporate lash. Free soul changling of forest fair - Stag lord snorting dew field air - Wild faerie shaman with garden hoe - Womb witch midwife in her underground home - Solar wizard and wind power Queen - Span heaven and earth with the magical dream !

Jade Dragon - magical musician, writer, reality engineer, ecotechnician

Jade Dragon is the assumed and honorable name of a very old soul, an ancient space-faring planet-planting elf who, willfully (some say foolishly), took on the trials and tribulations of human incarnation in order to launch a 21st Century regreening process on Spaceship Earth. Jade loves the Third Stone from the Sun and the potential it holds to become the bread basket of the solar system: plant propagator, green machine, exporter of fine food to the Moon, Mars, and worlds beyond. Nearly everything Jade does connects directly to the accomplishment of this necessary evolutionary goal. Jade is an obsessed left-handed individual, hagridden by the muse, compelled to weave threads on the loom of life and to cast powerful paradigm shattering spells of faerie enchantment. His lyrics are hot and searing, sealing the wound from his razor tail as quickly as it cleaves through a knight's ego armor.

Personally Jade would rather heal a wound than pick a fight. Jade says that we should stop sitting on the fence, get with the unfolding program, and avert the impending global apocalypse. Ask him and he'll explain how to do so in practical detail. Jade Dragon challenges everyone to get with the elemental program before climate shift makes us do so anyway.

Jade's musical/band experience begins in 1966. Jade played electric bass with the Mischief Men, Coachmen, Ostrich, Cottonmouth Blues Band, Greenfire, and in the freeform spirit jams of the Octave Doctors. 

Jade is a prolific and pointed poet & lyricist, collector of odd percussion instruments, multi-instrumentalist (percussion, dulcimer, bass, 6-string electric, keyboards/synthesizers, loopers/sequencers), sound engineer, recording technician, stage lighting and set designer, festival/event facilitator (over 100 under the belt), solar electric wizard (25+ years experience including throwing 3 solar powered experimental music festivals), eco-technician, and sustainable systems educator. Writing bylaws for cooperative ventures, dealing with laws and authorities, making sure things run smoothly in large operations, these are some of his  specialties. 

Jade Dragon

Jade Dragon is Amethyst's soul mate, life partner, caretaker, wild projects instigator, and best friend. Jade and Amethyst live on Faerie Hill in their hand built off-grid, stand-alone passive solar heated home. This ecoark recycles it's waste water and organics in an attached greenhouse, and uses photovoltaic panels to convert sunlight directly into electricity. Jade also constructed a small outdoor stage, 14 acres of reforesting land (with camping spots), and a solar powered Creative Arts Studio and bunkhouse. Jade has always been a hands on kind of guy. If it interests him, he gets busy and does it. Jade walks his talk, always has, always will.   

We invite you to explore our group on Facebook, Faerie Hill Ecovillage, dedicated to cooperative and sustainable living.