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We offer a range of workshop topics varying from past life regressions to practical hands on projects in renewable energy. Browse our offerings below. We can add a vital dimension to your festival.


Select the session combination you would like to have presented that fits your theme: 

Mystic Essence Workings (1 hour sessions): Gentle guided meditations for unfolding souls - 3 choices:


1) Sacred Self Lines: Past Life Exploration - drawing up deep archetypes from the unconscious, uncovering previous lifetimes, reclaiming shadows and re-integrating lost parts of self 


2) Rainbow Chakra Kundalini: guided visualizations & musical meditations focused on gentle mellowing, clearing, balancing, integrating, grounding energies - a relaxed laid back session, perfect for getting oneís head, body, and emotions back together during a weekend of raving and raging


3) Practical Elemental Magic - Balancing the Medicine Wheel Within and Without: A workshop on sacred circles, working with the 4 classical elements, and establishing optimal environments for the Fire/Earth and the Air/Water axis. Elemental crucifixion meditation: centering, triggering, and manifesting Clear Light consciousness 

Knowledge Fusion Workshops (1 hour sessions): High quality information exchange - 8 choices:


1) Healing Handiwork: Sacred Touch Healing and Massage Circle - Everyone needs to be soothed with love and compassion, stroking out rough spots, untying emotional knots, releasing mental snags, reaffirming connections to one another without fear of rejection. Everyone present will have a chance to touch as well as to be the center of attention. The person being touched may set safe limits.


2) Establishing Sustainable Reality: cooperative lifestyles, co-housing, barter economies, self-sufficient ecovillages, home and community solar and wind power, alternative building techniques and materials, composting and grey water recovery systems, permaculture and edible landscapes, co-creating communities and land trusts


3) DIY Home Scale Off-Grid Electric Systems - IN FIVE EASY STEPS:

#1: Home Energy Conservation 

#2: Potential Power Sources 

#3: Basics of Home Power Systems

#4: Arrays, Regulators, Batteries, 

#5: Power Management and Maintenance 


4) Trans-dimensional Realities: serious in-depth speculations on the convergence of sacred geometry, holographic physics, particle/wave interface, interference patterns, parallel dimensions, wormholes, and hyperspace contact


5) Middle Pillar: Clear Light consciousness - Hermetic unification of polarities - us/them, left/right, male/female, hard/soft, active/passive, light/dark, positive/negative, self/other, this/that. Here are the twin pillars of the gateway into the sacred temple. In the center is the union, divine androgyne, middle pillar of the Tree of Life. This workshop is about bringing our halves together into a single working whole


6) Cone of Power - Energy Raising Techniques for Circle Work: Have you ever danced in a circle with a group of friends? If you have done so you know the energy that can be felt, the currents which pass through as you abandon yourself to the rhythm of the heart drums and the flow of the Earth current coming up through the soles of your feet, activating each energy center in the mind/body complex, shooting out the crown, dancing pillar of light shooting straight into the stars. There is a fine art to raising a ìcone of powerî and focusing the energy of the Earth. This workshop is about practical technique


7) Safe Circles - practical polyamory discussion circle: How to form and maintain long term poly relationships free from jealousy and safe from STDs. We will examine both basics and particulars on the difference between open relationships, swinging, and long term poly partnerships. Be prepared for open discussion on the nature and practice of Sacred Marriage 


8) Tantra in Theory and Practice: An open discussion circle covering everything from the tantric secrets of bio-field fusion to the symbols and exercises of alchemical life extension. We will examine a number of ancient magical systems, explore the topic of creating and nurturing the Magical Child, as well as the magical uses of self-pleasure