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Jade Dragon

Jade Dragon presents:

Rock of Mages


90 minutes of carefully crafted chaos jams soaring high on faerie wings of love


Recorded, mixed, and mastered August 2019 in the solar powered studios of Faerie Hill Productions, Lawrence County, Indiana 



Casio XW-P1 performance synthesizer 

Squier Strat-clone guitar

Silvertone guitar

Danelectro Rumor bass

handmade bamboo marimba 

ZOOM R-24 recorder and effects

Strange Wizards - psycho-active PsiFluX SOUNDSCAPE music - contains: Demon Banishing, Ancestor Messages, Dragonbell Summoning, Faerie Conjuring, Reseed, Coming and Going of Elves, Rebirth, Awake - WARNING: audio hallucinations possible.

An extended play compilation of psychedelic dance and trance tracks from the 1990s. How many elf souls can dance on the head of a pin? You'll have to explore to find out. Contains sonic fragments from the Voyager spacecraft's golden record.

Psycho-active soundscape designed to augment and enhance inner space journeying. Original tracks were laid down in 2001 using a Korg Karma synthesizer. In 2003 additional tracks where added with a Yamaha CS-2X synthesizer. The piece rested mellow in digital hibernation until January 2018 when it was thawed and awakened to be spiced with a variety of sound effects and tasteful guitar lead work. It is ready for consumption.   


instruments used: Korg Karma and Yamaha CS-2X synthesizers, Silvertone SPN 5/BK guitar, Zoom R-24 recorder.

This is an extended piece of Magical Ritual Music that I worked on for 2 years, some of the invocations going back 30+ years, a summation of 40+ years of personal magical practice - whew ... a potent and intense charm - 52 minutes long. I consider One Circle Celebration to be an Actual Magic SPELL for personal and group connection and natural awareness. Do it in your head or, better yet, do it in a circle with your friends and family. This is not religion. This is CRAFT: 

A mystical composition of potent and pertinent Jade Dragon poetry put to a moving flow of unique and innovative music to form a cohesive suite designed to trigger deep awareness of the state of the human world and its place in nature as history unfolds in the now.  

Gems from the Hoard - 14 choice and controversial songs from 2001 until 2015 - contains: Magick Monkey, Who Needs a War?, Simple Chip, Green Magic Spell, OMOMO, Impulse Control, Slut Wife Shuffle, Granny Love, Soul Flight, Spider Glue, Coming Together, Something Else to Do, AlphaPsiOmega & One Circle, Quantum Leap. This music is straight from the heart of an actual wizard. 

Very trippy ìmagical soundtrackî written and recorded for an interstellar connection ritual which was performed by the Coven of the Cord (ELF Fest 1986) at McCormickís Creek State Park (Indiana). Connect with planet planting elves in their inter-dimensional wormhole traveling disc craft. Ask, ìWhat is the source of magicî? Then go there. The gateway to Faerie is found within the heart. 

Akashic Trip Club - psycho-active PsiFluX SOUNDSCAPE music - contains: N-Pulse, Other Living Worlds, Deep Center, Desert Dance, Industrial Cake, Nuit, Seize the Day, Steppe Trance, TODE Dance, Trancespot - WARNING: audio hallucinations possible

Spectral Maze - 30 minute of spoken musical meditation as we journey through the history of evolution as it relates to the 7 chakras - rainbow poetry in motion.